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What’s In My Fridge?

After a short break from the holidays (a much needed and appreciated break), 300 Prompts is back! This week is number 22 (only 278 to go but who’s counting?) – slow and steady, y’all, slow and steady.

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This one is a little different, but…okay.

If I looked in your fridge, what would I find?

I’m assuming you (the reader) are the “I” and “your fridge” refers to mine – that’s what I’m going with anyway.

Writing Prompt 22

Okay, open up my fridge and you will find…

Two large bottles of peppermint mocha creamer (there’s some in the freezer, too – I stocked up before the end of the holidays).

Three different types of ground coffee – Maxwell House and 2 Starbucks varieties. Yes, really. (There’s some of that in the freezer, too.)

A big thing of apple juice. A smaller container of Gatorade. Water. Lots of water.

Leftovers (ugh) – some of it might even be edible.

Everything to make a great breakfast – too bad there’s no one here who wants to cook a great breakfast. Cereal again!

Salad stuff – some of which has gone moldy, some hasn’t.

Lots and lots of condiments. A few are used nearly every day (ketchup, I’m looking at you, dude) and others, I’m not sure what to do with them (soy sauce?? I don’t even remember the last time I used that.).

Yogurt is tucked way in the back, soon to be forgotten. So is the sour cream.

There’s some fudge from last month. Old pizza too.

I’ve got a styrofoam container of…I don’t know. When it starts to smell, I’ll probably throw it away.

Half and half, milk, and almond milk all fight for room among the chocolate and caramel syrups, the jelly, and the butter.

Don’t look too closely in the back corners – even I don’t know what’s back there anymore.

Basically, my fridge is full. Most of what’s there is edible. When it gets empty, I buy more stuff or cook more food. And the cycle of life will continue.


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